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At a tender age of 62 I am finding out how important and beneficial wisdom is for how I live and govern my life.

This book is born out of my experience in how much in my younger years I lacked wisdom.

I never really understood what it was or how how important it was for my life.

In my earlier years, my focus was all about chasing after money .

I wanted to be successful, and I foolishly thought that being rich meant being successful.




By Dr John Applebach

Dr John Applebach

John lives in Pottstown Pal with his wife Linette. He holds a Master's 'Degree in Divinity from United Graduate College and Seminary and a PHD from Newburgh Theological seminary He serves as Senior Pastor  at Pottstown Bible Church in Pottstown Pa for Twenty years.

Available for Purchase

Available to purchase on Amazon.

50% of the proceeds go directly to Pottstown Bible Church 

Available for Purchase

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