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Image by Candace Mathers

Support Your immune system

Support Your immune system with a unique combination of natural extracts and vitamins.

  • Crude Arthrospira platensis, part of the IMMULINA extract, has been show to have the ability  (1,000 times greater) to balance and enhance the human immune system when compared to other botanical immune stimulation extracts.

  • Helps regulate and balance the cascade of body's own immune responses

  • Helps strengthen host immune system and enhance defenses

  • Boosts natural killer (NK) cell activity by 40%


Contains a proprietary blend of herbal extracts that supports and maintain the immune system, including antioxidants to prevent damage from free radicals



• Proprietary blend of extracts supports and maintains the immune system and includes antioxidants to prevent damaging free radicals

• Contains IMMULINA™, a patented, clinically-tested, all-natural, micro-algae complex supplement that is extracted from Arthrospira platensis

• IMMUNLINA is proven to be over 1,000 times more effective in stimulating macrophage activation as determined in human THP-1 cells, which is a significant immune system response compared to other immunotherapy treatments



• Want to boost their body’s immunity

• Work in settings with lots of people

• Are around people with immune challenges like children and the elderly

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