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Family Dispute

How Can I be of Help to You??, Divorce recovery coach

Develop a clear understanding of yourself

I work with clients through each stage of their divorce.

I work with those who are uncertain whether they should end their marriage to clients who are at the beginning of their divorce process or those who have gone through divorce but struggle to move on with their lives.

Taking back the control of your life


You’re on this emotional rollercoaster replaying certain themes in your mind.

Certain places or sounds trigger emotional memories.

I help my clients develop the skills to deal with the with the emotional ups and downs that divorce brings into their lives.

I will work with my clients to develop the skills needed to move forward in healthy decision making that is consistent with their own personal values and interests.

Put together an action plan

I work with my clients to develop an action plan that helps my clients navigate through the divorce process with clarity, help them work on managing their expectations and create a vision for themselves as to how they want their life to look like

So why should I consider using a Divorce Coach???

Your spouse informs you that he/she is leaving you and you’re caught completely off guard

You’re in complete shock, your head begins to spin. Fear creeps in and you have no idea what the future looks like. You have no idea of what you will begin to face.

  • What will life be for you without your spouse?

  • What will you do to support yourself?

  • How will the children handle this?

This is where a caring divorce coach can help you navigate through this painful process.

You will need someone who is neutral and will give you some solid coaching and wisdom that is practical

Your friends and family members may mean well and want to protect you but let’s face that facts, they are emotionally involved with you and may not give you the most healthy and practical advice. You need advice from someone who understands what you’re going through and has the skills to help you navigate through all the issues you will need to face.

Your confidence is shattered You blame yourself

You start questioning yourself with things like,

  • What did I do wrong?

  • Am I not attractive anymore?

  • Did I gain to much weight?

  • Did he/she find someone younger and more attractive?

  • Am I a mean spouse?

  • I didn’t bring in enough money?

  • I didn’t keep the house clean?

This is where a coach can help you work through your personal challenges and help you

Get your life back on track instead of staying stuck.

Divorce is Painful and hard to get through

This is where I come in.

Let me help you design and effective plan to help you manage your life through the divorce

  • Deal effectively with conflict

  • Gain some control over your emotions

  • Develop resilience

  • Get organized for the process

  • Prepare for meetings in advance

  • Be clear about what’s important to you



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